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“Elizabeth is a gifted coach who cares deeply about her clients. Her coaching is compassionate, creative and speaks to the heart and soul. Our work helped me find the courage I needed to take the next steps in my life and business”.


Victoria Crawford

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“There is nothing like experiencing the impossible becoming possible then becoming reality. It is thrilling! I definitely recommend Elizabeth, but be careful what you wish for because when you work with Elizabeth you will probably get it!”


Anna Marie Ronning

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“Elizabeth truly is a Master Coach and Mentor. If you are creating a high level coaching business no matter what business development programs you are in Elizabeth can bridge the gaps, provide the support, and help you get the results you want. I recommend Elizabeth to courageous, high achieving, successful individuals for whom living a life in line with their spirit is key.”


Althea McIntyre

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“My work with Elizabeth has truly been invaluable! She has helped me face my fear and move forward into creating my own coaching business. Her genuine warmth, great intuition and gentle way of pulling me forth has been invaluable in both my professional work and in my personal life”


Elana Kahan

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“Regardless of the issue or goal at hand I always feel like I’ve got someone on my side who is as committed as I am to my own life. I don’t know anywhere else to find that kind of support.”


Tonja Waring

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“I hired Elizabeth as my coach and mentor and since then went from success to success. I keep working with Elizabeth to patiently shape my future and hopefully that of our planet. I can highly recommend to work together with Elizabeth if you want a life-changing experience!”


Sabine Faldon

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“Elizabeth is a fantastic coach. It was a pleasure working with her! I needed the help of an already experienced coach to get my coaching business off the ground. Elizabeth is experienced in a variety of life experiences and brings all of them with her to her coaching.”


Andre Duquemin