Our work together has changed my life in ways I could not have imagined in a remarkably short period of time. I've created huge shifts in my life and launched a new business that I love.

I strongly recommend Elizabeth. From our very first conversation I was touched, moved and inspired. I was held in a space that was so rich with vision, values and purpose. I knew after one call that this coaching would integrate my entire life and through our partnership I would experience powerful results. I am forever grateful for our relationship.

I am called forth to create for the world and myself from a place of authenticity, integrity and wholeness. I've created huge shifts in my life and launched a new business that I love. I am able to stay clear and keep momentum. I have the clarity to move forward and I consciously choose to lead and develop a business and movement from my heart, soul and all that my experience brings.

Elizabeth honors you as a complete human being. She truly stands for you and the possibility you are creating. She holds you accountable to generating from a foundation that supports your whole life, your community and who you are out to serve, and she has provided continuous opportunities and resources for my learning, growth, and development.

Our work together has changed my life in ways I could not have imagined in a remarkably short period of time.

Sarah Kaler

Founder of SoulPowered, Executive Leadership Coaching and Development, Executive Coach with The Marcus Buckingham Company. On a mission to generate a movement of conscious, purpose-driven leaders and organizations that improve lives and empower change in the world. Seattle Washington

Elizabeth is relentless in her willingness to help me grow, in every meaning of that word

I'd recommend Elizabeth to anyone who wants to develop themselves and their business. For future coaches or coaches in the process of being certified, she seems to me to be the best complement one can have.

She is relentless in her willingness to help me grow, in every meaning of that word, as a human being and a coach. She also has a way to be straightforward and demanding without ever making me feel "wrong" about who I am.

Elizabeth embodies master coaching techniques that she is willing to demonstrate and share, in-depth coaching with a real resonance that precedes and nurtures action so transformative change may occur.

Every session feels like raising the bar to myself and the others. Thank you Elizabeth for being you, for your constant support, and for helping me become a better coach.

Xavier Garcia-Weibel

Senior Human-Centered Design Consultant, Swisscom- Combining Design Thinking, Coaching and Change Management to Develop and Empower Organizations, Innovation Leadership Coach, MSc, CPCC, PCC, Soultricity, Human Centric Leadership, Geneva, Switzerland

I believe that a major function of coaching is transformation. My work with Elizabeth has been just that.

Elizabeth has encouraged me to be myself, more and more, bigger and bigger. I now coach from that place, not worrying if I’m doing it “right”.

She has helped me to find my freedom, something I try to pass on to my clients. I have had some magical experiences in my work and continue to do so. I am so grateful to Elizabeth for helping me to see and experience that magic.

I came to her as a personal trainer with a desire of becoming a coach. I am now a coach with a roster of great clients, doing work that I love. I knew that much of coaching is done over the phone however I didn’t believe that would be something that would work for me. I resisted. I now coach over the phone working with clients all across the country.

During my work with Elizabeth my father passed away. It was of course a very tough time for me. I credit Elizabeth with helping me to accept, heal and process this experience. She generously shared her own story and encouraged me to share my life and experience with my clients deepening our connections as well as the coaching.

My work with Elizabeth as my coach and mentor has proved to be valuable to me both as a coach and in own my life.

Oh and she’s really funny and fun to work with!

Richard Kantor

Professional Life Coach, Santa Monica, CA

Whether you are a coach seeking to shift your coaching up several levels and paint your own bigger picture future, or just a person seeking some of the most skillful coaching available, contact Elizabeth.

Your life will change.
Your coaching will improve.
Your larger truth will emerge.

Over the last couple of years my professional life as a leadership and transformational coach has been cheered, challenged, enhanced, refined and always affirmed by Elizabeth Ellis. A recent extraordinary session with Elizabeth stands for me as a jewel in these moments, and I just want to sing this out.

She has a “beginner’s mind.” She gently, firmly, persistently asks questions until she understands you the way you understand you. She does not let limiting assumptions pass without challenge; she pointedly questions them.

More importantly, with warm trust and poignant intuition, Elizabeth nudges you toward the bigger vision that your present moment is part of.

You move from your best self now to who you are becoming – beyond what you have so far imagined. It’s literally an extra-ordinary experience, born of consummate skill – hers added to yours!

Mark E. Hoelter CPCC

Leadership Impact Coach for Social Change Leaders & Clergy, Washington, DC, UU Community Minister

Mark Hoelter

Elizabeth is the most nurturing person I’ve ever met; she acts as a midwife for possibilities to become real. She gave me an incredible model for leading with generosity and love in business.

Just being with her allowed me to emulate her tremendous generosity and presence in a way that benefits me as well as my clients and students. I'm incredibly inspired by the relationship Elizabeth has created with her clients and the generosity she leads with in business. I really didn't know this was even possible before meeting her. It caused me to think, “ If she can do this, why can't I?"

I would highly recommend Elizabeth to an entrepreneur who wants to create something, but isn't clear about where to start or what to do, especially if you have concerns about doing it in alignment with your core values and desired lifestyle. She’ll create a safe place to explore the possibilities, clarify your vision and bring it into the world one small, doable step at a time.

From the first time I spoke with Elizabeth I felt like she “ got me”. Her questions in our very first conversation opened up a space where things began to move on their own quite naturally. She helped me clarify what was wanting to be created at the highest level of purpose, so that the actions that followed came naturally. Simply having a space where it’s safe for something new and unformed to be born is invaluable.

I first came to Elizabeth because I’d conceived of a book I want to write and I didn't know what to do with it. It wasn't just a book; it was a process, a way of working with people. All I knew was that it was something BIG that wanted to be born into the world. During my time working with Elizabeth I gained clarity about what I want to create and started sharing it. Elizabeth was able to share insights and suggestions that I could immediately use in my own budding coaching practice. It was so helpful to have what I'm doing reflected by someone who isn't attached to its outcome. I can do this for other people, but it's almost impossible to see myself clearly! Elizabeth has a real gift for this.

My experience with Elizabeth helped solidify my belief that a business can exist in alignment with your purpose, values and lifestyle, and that in fact, it’s much more powerful that way. I've discovered the path that makes what I want to do inevitable. It happened in a way that was natural and easy, which was quite different from my old “go for it like a pitbull" mentality of getting things done. I now have a website, an easy introduction to my ideal prospects, and a natural way of developing these connections into client relationships over time. It’s opened up a whole new way of learning and teaching without force or efforting. I was able to create a brand new coaching business without fear, one step at a time, always feeling completely cared for and supported.

Elizabeth creates a space that's like a fertile garden where possibility can be nurtured and grow into what it wants to be. It’s a place that honors the natural timing and order of things as they unfold, where everything is exactly as it should be, and Elizabeth is the co-gardener making sure every seedling gets what it needs.

Stephanie Padovani

Founder The Awakened Business, Business Coaching & Marketing Strategy For Inspired Entrepreneurs


Every corner of my life has been transformed through my partnership with Elizabeth. I have rediscovered who I am as a parent, professional, romantic partner, sister, daughter, artist and individual. I've grown my coaching business, established myself in a new career and reached personal goals.

Elizabeth coached my sister through a very challenging time in her career and life. Knowing my sister as well as I do, it was incredible to see her break through life long patterns and face things in a new way. The support and push Elizabeth provided was invaluable to her growth as a person and professional.
When I found myself faced with challenges of the same weight, I knew who to call. What's more telling then a heartfelt referral from a loved one?

Every corner of my life has been transformed through my partnership with Elizabeth. I have rediscovered who I am as a parent, professional, romantic partner, sister, daughter, artist and individual. I've grown my coaching business, established myself in a new career and reached personal goals, all within a six month time span. I am at peace with where my life is at.

More then anything, I value Elizabeth's push to face self-limiting beliefs. There's just no room for it. I make more money. I spend time with my daughter with a new perspective. I have long term goals that are exciting, workable and in line with my authentic self.

I absolutely recommend Elizabeth. Especially to folks on a path of self discovery through entrepreneurship.

I can't wait to work with her again!

Nissa Sorenson CPCC

Executive Leadership Coaching, Seattle, Washington

Elizabeth’s generosity, her compassion, and her desire to serve is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Coaches and leaders who have the opportunity to work with her will see why I believe she is THE coach’s coach!

Her questions inspire me to dig deeply within myself and find out what matters most to me. When she speaks, I listen. When she writes, I read.

I've learned that as a coach it is my job to engage in coaching conversations that matter them. Conversations that get to my client's hearts.

Elizabeth reminds me to come from a place where I can CHOOSE POWERFULLY. I feel like, regardless of my choice, she is there with me and never in judgment.

She has taught me to think about and create offerings that not only inspire and benefit my clients, but also, inspire me. In order to do that, I have to let go of being everything to everybody.

Our conversations have continued to help me shift and move towards unconditional self-love. The more I come from a place that is true for ME, the more I bring myself and my gifts to my coaching work. I don't have to be perfect. I don't have to do it right. I just have to fully show up for myself so that I can fully show up for the people I come in contact with.

It has been a privilege to know her and learn from her as I begin to build my own successful coaching business.


I can't recommend (the powerfully amazing) Elizabeth Ellis highly enough! Elizabeth is relentless in her pursuit of finding results for her clients. My work with her has put me on the fast track to creating a viable - and deeply meaningful - coaching practice.

I'm a tough nut sometimes. Stubborn. Elizabeth demonstrates what it means to hold a client (and their *big A* agenda) larger than they can hold themselves. My work with Elizabeth called forth the confidence and passion required to launch a new business and to take risks in shaping that business as my understanding of my clients and their dreams grows.

She isn't easily tricked by the glitter and sparkle of new ideas, but instead using coaching to excavate the landscape for the nuggets of real *gold* that are often far beneath the surface, leaving her clients with only the most valuable (and often most meaningful) pieces of plans or programs or crazy hair-brained schemes.

Over the past two years life has thrown me (and my business plan) some significant curve balls (earthquakes might be more appropriate). Throughout this time she has consistently held my feet to the fire of my own making, and as a result the upheavals I’ve experienced haven't stood a chance to derail my dreams.

I highly recommend Elizabeth to coaches who are ready to take themselves on in the service of improving their coaching and in building a business that creates lasting impact.

Julia Johnsen Matakis CPCC

Coach, Consultant, Trainer, Game Changer, The Brighton Resource Group, Minneapolis MN

Coming full circle with Elizabeth in my corner has been a most heart filling and satisfying experience, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in marrying who they are at their core with the kind of coach they wish to be in service to the world.

I feel honored to have worked with Elizabeth throughout the first year of my coaching journey. She created a safe and trusted space for me to evolve personally and professionally in a way that poised me to step into my private practice with a deep knowing of who I am as a coach, what I bring to the world and how I am unique.

Our work together always translated to further exploration and refinement of my own unfolding and inevitable evolution of my growing coaching abilities. She encouraged each and every step in my journey to be given the attention it deserved and served me in a way that was fully authentic and supportive. Always. No exception.

Coming full circle with Elizabeth in my corner has been a most heart filling and satisfying experience, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in marrying who they are at their core with the kind of coach they wish to be in service to the world.

Julie Veitch CPCC

Inner Core Coaching, Coaching for Inner Change, Huntsville, Ontario, Canada


There are a lot of good coaches out there.
Elizabeth is stellar!

If you are even considering any kind of help, you would GREATLY benefit from contacting Elizabeth Ellis. What an intuitive, kind, giving, smart, and amazing person, who can locate what may be "catching" in the web of the universe.

She. Is. Amazing.

What stood out right away for me were distinctions between what my perceived next steps were, and entirely new possibilities and approaches. A major piece that I was only thinking about versus fully seeing, was how to move forward in my life finding a tribe of people similar to me or with similar interests.

I was able to move beyond frustrations I’ve had with others in my life, shifting from disappointment to gratitude. Our conversations brought me some great headway into taking new actions, creating new opportunities, seeking out “my tribe”, and starting to have great and important conversations toward bringing my life's work to the people who value it.

Elizabeth is like a moving river, ready to flow around and over some of life’s rocks, to move with you. Her commitment is to service, making the space feel incredibly valuable and even spiritual.

Thank you Elizabeth for being you. You are amazing at what you do and your intuition is incredible. You are COMPLETELY appreciated by this hard working, faithfully found, star gazer in Minnesota

Mike Peterson CPCC

Life Coach, Storyteller, Writer

LifeLegacy Coaching, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Each session is incredibly real and on the mark. The learning is so deep and authentic.

I appreciate the depth and spaciousness of working with Elizabeth and I am extremely grateful for her believing so much in me, who I am and the work I am doing. I love her focus on relationship and even though we are miles apart, it feels like she could be just across town. I love that deep sense of connection, and feeling that Elizabeth is right by my side working on my areas of priority, encouraging me to stretch.

There is something so inviting about Elizabeth. I felt that I could lean into her with a sense that she would hear what I was saying and needing, that she would understand me. What stands out for me in addition to how ‘real’ she is, is her expertise and her professionalism and that comes through strongly in the way she interacts.

Through working together I have learned so much about the role of relationship in my work with my own clients. I feel like I am becoming more of me, and coaching isn’t the thing I do anymore, it is 'who I am'.

What I am most thrilled about in working with Elizabeth is that I now have a strong sense of who it is I coach and with that, a greater understanding of who I am and what is important to me in my life and work. I am more confident in who I am as a Coach and this results in me also being more professional as a coach. She helped me to find words to what I was striving to communicate, enhanced my ‘being’ and my sense of pride being in the profession of coaching.

I feel like I am becoming more of me, and coaching isn't the thing I do, it is 'who I am'. I used to hesitate saying I was a coach but I don’t do so anymore. Elizabeth has helped me fully and authentically stand in my coaching shoes. She’s helped me to find more of my voice.

The difference that coaching with Elizabeth has made is in me fully and proudly owning that I am a coach. It's also about confidence. I feel more confident in being in the coach profession. Specific results that I have produced are clarity on who I coach. I feel this in my bones. Also, specific results around enrollment, in a manner that is about relationship, one of my core inner values, as well as authentically.

I would recommend Elizabeth to a coach starting out, or another solopreneur embarking on building a business because she will help them connect to their purpose, to what’s really really important about their work, in a coach and mentor manner. I trust her completely.

Working with Elizabeth has been an incredibly uplifting experience; it gave me wind beneath my wings.

Maureen Johnstone CPCC, ACC

Founder Raven Tree Coaching and Consulting, Leadership and Personal Coach, Yukon, Canada

Elizabeth is a generous soul whose faith in me remains one of my great life blessings.

Through my work with Elizabeth, I have had the courage to explore my core values and make decisions that are in alignment with my hearts true yearnings. I have released beliefs that no longer serve me.

With gentle confidence Elizabeth guides me to cultivate a kinder relationship with myself.

My successes extend from overcoming financial and emotional bankruptcy to purchasing my first home and marrying my beloved.

Myriam Joseph-Loeschen

Artist, Designer, Writer, Visionary, Joy Spread The Word, Los Angeles, California

Working with Elizabeth is incredible. I’ve been able to go to the depths of my soul as I’ve been in the inquiry about my life.

You could not possibly find another coach who has a greater capacity to accept and ‘be with’ just exactly who you are, where you are in your life.

I came into coaching very skeptical. After all…I had done it all, read it all, self-helped it all, been counseled, been coached and coached others. You can imagine my utter delight when I found Elizabeth’s capacity to respectfully be with me in my life, (to not judge, to not push), created a space of freedom for me to create in areas that were most important to me.

I’ve been able to confront the dangerous territory of asking for what I want and the willingness to surrender my expectations for the possibility of a true and lasting life partner.

Jane Newell, Ph.D

Therapist & Newlywed, Minneapolis, Minneapolis

Jane Newell

Elizabeth is truly a master coach and business mentor. She has a rare combination of experience and expertise as a successful business owner and entrepreneur, combined with her vast knowledge, wisdom and experience as a high level master coach.

Her business expertise has made a huge, measurable difference for me each time we have worked together. I created over $15k of NEW business within in the first 90 days months of working together as a direct result of her coaching.

What stands out for me is her genuine love and support, her honest feedback, and her ability to see a bigger, more powerful vision of who I am when I can not see it for myself. I feel heard and seen completely.

Without getting caught in my limiting beliefs she uncovers what gets in the way of me achieving what I want. She stands shoulder to shoulder with me, while keeping my big vision of success present when I lose sight of what my heart and soul truly desires.

I recommend Elizabeth to high-performing leaders, coaches, consultants, small business owners, entrepreneurs- anyone who is serious about being the best that they can be. I know I would not have been nearly as successful as I have been without her.

If you are creating a high level coaching business, no matter what business development programs you are in, Elizabeth can bridge the gaps, provide the support and help you need to get results.

I’ve gained clarity and confidence and seen how, without knowing it, I’ve sabotaged myself, getting in my own way, and where I’ve needed to focus to get to my next level of personal fulfillment and professional success.

We keep achieving the results I want, going deeper and producing even faster than before. She helps me to get to the next level as I attract higher level coaching clients.

I’ve gained masterful, authentic enrollment skills, and the results are showing up everywhere in my professional and personal life. I’ve let go of relationships that were no longer serving me, created healthier boundaries, and let go of habits that were not supporting my self-esteem.

As I continue develop my own mastery, and my business grows, it is my own clients who reap the rewards.

Make her a part of your business success team!

Althea McIntyre ACC, CPCC

Certified Co-Active Coach, MSOD, CPA, Business Coach, Mentor & Speaker, Chicago, IL


I am attracting my ideal clients and building a brand that truly reflects who I am. I am more clear, confident, successful, and happy.

Elizabeth has been a key element to my success and I highly recommend her to coaches and entrepreneurs who want to create the business and life that they dream of.

From the moment I connected with Elizabeth, I knew that she would support me in building both the life and the business that I wanted.

I knew instinctively that Elizabeth believed in me and could see my full potential. That she would champion me in every moment. This whole life approach is the foundation for my success.

When we began working together I had a sense of the type of business I wanted, but our work has challenged me to really get clarity on my unique talents and the impact that I can have through my work.

I am attracting my ideal clients and building a brand that truly reflects who I am. I am more clear, confident, successful, and happy.

Elizabeth has been a key element to my success and I highly recommend her to coaches and entrepreneurs who want to create the business and life that they dream of.

Janice Cunning, CPCC, ACC

Coaching & Training Supporting Fundraising Leaders, Toronto, Canada

Elizabeth is an incredible coach. She has been a constant ally in my moving forward towards the work that I know I am meant to do.

Elizabeth is highly intuitive and fully present. She provides a supportive and safe atmosphere, challenging you, while holding you closely.

While I came to her for coaching while going through my coach training and certification, she was supportive in all aspects of my life while challenging me to push myself further and further. She not only helped me realize my goal of becoming a coach, she allowed me to embrace the full totality of who I am in all aspects of my life.

Elizabeth is an incredible coach. She has been a constant ally in my moving forward towards the work that I know I am meant to do. I truly enjoyed working with her.

Velma L. Cobb, Ed.D., CPCC VL

Cobb Leadership Group, Associate Professor, Leadership Coach, Professional Trainer, Group Facilitator, Bigger Game Trainer, New York, New York

I hired Elizabeth as my coach and mentor and since then went from success to success. I keep working with her to patiently shape my future and hopefully that of our planet. I can highly recommend to work together with Elizabeth if you are a coach or leader and want a life-changing experience!

I found Elizabeth on the CTI co-active coaching network. She stood out with her comments which showed a deep understanding of both coaching and human psychology. When I visited her website I discovered that she had a widely holistic approach and served as both a coach and mentor for students in certification.

Through our working together I managed to leave my 28 year old place in our family business which sometimes was really hard emotionally as everybody was so used to mom saying “yes, I’ll do”. I learnt to say “no” and today feel more appreciated than ever. At that time I could rely on Elizabeth who in her warmhearted and gentle way asked me the right questions to get clear about what was my role now.

Last November I got my certificate as a CPCC and wondered how I could match the gap between coaching and my consulting aspirations. This seemed as big a problem on a mental plane as getting out of the family business had been an emotional challenge. It took many patient sessions with Elizabeth until I was able to figure out how everything could fit together and work.

I am currently living the life I choose, preparing to launch my new book and bring my message of freedom, health and vitality to the world. In all this time Elizabeth has been there for me with her gentle, generous and intuitive way to help me find my way.

Elizabeth has been so generous with her time and resources. She has saved me from making costly mistakes and helped me to do things I did not know were possible. Elizabeth is a great coach (and such a nice person), and I thank her from my heart.

Sabine Faldon, CPCC

Certified Co-Active Coach, Vital Health and Wellness Coach, Consultant, and Writer, Berlin, Germany

I'd recommend Elizabeth to anyone who wants to live their dreams now. Over the course of working with Elizabeth, I became a truly confident coach. I learned how to stop hiding out in the background as a coach and announce to the world who I am and how I serve.

I chose Elizabeth because she "got me" within the first 5 minutes of our first conversation. She's insightful, non-judgmental and caring. What stands out most is how she holds you as your most powerful self.

What has been most meaningful is how she masterfully demonstrates being a powerful coach. She's fearless, fierce and gentle. She's an advocate for your highest and best self and won't let you off the hook no matter what!

My biggest result was clarifying my niche and launching a business I love. Not having a niche was slowing me down and getting in the way of truly serving in a way that resonates with my soul.

I highly recommend Elizabeth because she will help you achieve your true hearts desires when it's a stretch for you to believe it. I learned how to get in touch with my feelings, challenge assumptions and take inspired action moment to moment.

My primary goal in working with Elizabeth was to become fully self expressed and with her help, I started living in alignment with my true self. I am well on my way.

Dena Patrice Grant

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Certified Money Coach (CMC). Relationship Enlightenment inspires individuals and couples to transform their relationship with love and money. Atlanta, Georgia

Elizabeth is a fabulous coach and person. She's supported me and believed in me and helped me pave my future. When you try to hide or run back to your comfort zone her belief in you pulls you back and encourages you to step up.

Generous, compassionate, thoughtful, caring, encouraging..she gently, but firmly nudges you to step into your true power...when you try to hide or run back to your comfort zone her belief in you pulls you back and encourages you to step up.

She's smart, insightful and fun too which means every session is charged with laughter and aha moments. You know she really cares too. She's supported me and believed in me and helped me pave my future. I can't wait to get going.

Mayssa Dimechkie CPCC

Co-active Coach,  Counseling Psychologist, NLP MasterTrack Practitioner, ORSC graduate  and Organizational Development Consultant, Beirut, Lebanon

Having Elizabeth as my coach and mentor has truly been life transforming!

Words can not fully express what it is like to work with Elizabeth. Being in a coaching session with Elizabeth is like a creative masterpiece where somehow all of the pieces come together to make perfect sense. Where your heart, mind, body, and spirit are all flowing together in the same direction. She has a unique way of being that is both soft and direct, that touches the essence and the truth of who you are and who you are becoming.

Since working with Elizabeth I feel I have so much more control over my thoughts , emotions, choices, and circumstances.

I am more comfortable and confident with who I am. My life purpose and my gifts are found and engaging in bringing them out gives me a sense of balance, creativity, excitement, and joy. I can now distinguish between my false beliefs about myself, others, and life. Connecting to the deeper truth of who I am and giving myself permission to be fully that has been incredibly liberating.

What I love the most is that she is always there with you holding your vision and no matter what the challenge is SHE NEVER GiVES UP. Having Elizabeth as my coach and mentor has truly been life transforming!

Thank you Elizabeth, you are the best!

Monique Cohen CPCC

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Live from Love Coach, New York City


If you're wanting to build a business that's prosperous and authentic, then I'd highly recommend you get in touch with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has helped me see myself and my business clearly. From that clarity, new insights, ideas and momentum for what I'm creating has unfolded, almost effortlessly.

I've appreciated Elizabeth's ability to extract what's truly important for the growth of my business, allowing me to move forward with certainty.

Her approach is pragmatic, yet heart-felt. She sees you for who you truly are, and then gives you the space to bring that alive in your business and life.

If you're wanting to build a business that's both prosperous and authentic, then I'd highly recommend you get in touch with Elizabeth.

Marissa Håkansson

Women's Mentor & Counselor, Freelance Writer, Editor, Professional Marketing Communications, Business Communications, Sydney, Australia

Clients! Don't all we new coaches want clients?

Believe me I have read the marketing books, articles, blog posts, saw different videos and websites, but only Elizabeth gave me the tools and support I needed to finally find the clients and start my practice as a coach.

From the first phone call with Elizabeth I felt home, I knew I can be 100% with her and get back in return so much more. I felt that no matter what, Elizabeth will always be there for me. I felt comfortable and still challenged.

What I truly love about Elizabeth is how I always learn something new from her whether it is a new coaching tool, a business or marketing strategy, books or websites, she always has something cool to share with you.

She showed me how to use more powerful marketing strategies in my workshops that helped me so much to find more clients.

I came to Elizabeth not sure I can do what I want to do and be, Elizabeth held my hand and with a lot of patience and love walked me through the path of coaching which allowed me to find my authentic true voice as a coach and turn it into a business.

Noa Ronnen CPCC

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Life Transition Coach, Author: Smooth Move, 6 Steps to Relocating With Your Family and Staying Alive , New York, NY

Regardless of the issue or goal at hand I always feel like I’ve got someone on my side who is as committed as I am to my own life. I don’t know anywhere else to find that kind of support.

I love that Elizabeth is not a “formula coach.”She is highly trained and always seems to know the right thing to say or do to expertly support me to achieve what I want to achieve each week.

Regardless of the issue or goal at hand I always feel like I’ve got someone on my side who is as committed as I am to my own life. I don’t know anywhere else to find that kind of support.

Tonja Waring

Manifesting Prosperity International, Lifestyle Coach, Global Entrepreneur and Business Consultant, Author of Manifesting Prosperity in 33 Days: How 5 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Life Forever!, Single Mom on Fire, and The Radiance Blessing. Dallas, Texas

Elizabeth is a gifted coach and mentor who cares deeply about her clients. Her coaching is compassionate, creative and speaks to the heart and soul. Our work helped me find the courage I needed to take the next steps in my life and coaching business.

I was able to connect with what is most important to me and make choices from love rather than fear.I am so grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to work with Elizabeth and I happily recommend her to other coaches.

Victoria Crawford CPCC

Co-Active Coach, Speaker, Author of, The Art and Practice of Trust; Finding Your Way through Uncertainty, Change and Transition, Phoenix, Arizona

Elizabeth has been a partner to my growth in very meaningful ways. I've seen improvement in all areas of my life and the quality of my presence has changed. I got clear on my career goals and what I need, so that I can in turn serve others in my profession.

I was really touched by her gift for authentic human connection and her genuine presence. In each session, I got to experience magical moments where I felt seen, heard and understood, and I never felt judged. I could really notice that she is always stretching herself as a coach and constantly learning. It really shows in the quality of her coaching.

I think the hallmark of a great coach is that she makes the process seem very simple and smooth. It was the case with Elizabeth.

I would recommend Elizabeth to fellow coaches and entrepreneurs who want to grow in their profession. To people who want a career for themselves that's aligned with their heart and deepest value.

Bahieh Amelia Khamsi

Psychologist and Career Coach, Geneva, Switzerland

Elizabeth never stopped believing in me. Every session was heartfelt, with a huge spirit of compassion, coupled with great, concrete ideas on building a successful coaching practice. I always looked forward to our sessions; each one was a master class in coaching to create a successful coaching business.

Choosing to work with Elizabeth was rather intuitive. I truly believe that my heart chose her. I honestly don't remember how I found her online, but I immediately felt a great connection, and trusted that I would be in wonderful hands!

When we began working together, I had been frustrated with finding clients & building a business without knowing precisely how to make this work.

Elizabeth helped me get clear about what I really stood for, who were my ideal clients, their desires & needs, and what I offered to help them achieve their dreams. She guided me through the process with a compassionate, but firm hand. She is very generous in sharing her knowledge of coaching, and had many great ideas and specific suggestions on how to focus on a particular type of client and then build coaching sessions and workshops that address their needs. With this roadmap and all that I gained in the process I am much more confident in my ability to have a successful practice.

In summary, she helped be get a very clear picture of what I wanted to create, and offered many ideas and tools to make my coaching business successful. She shared all kinds of ideas, and provided very specific actions to attract the right clients and create programs and workshops that resonate with them.

But the most meaningful part of working with Elizabeth was getting to know and love this amazing human being. She is extremely compassionate. I learned so much each time, and I will always cherish her spirit, generosity, energy and HUGE HEART! In one session I was in a great deal of physical pain and angst. She immediately stepped away from our work on my business and focused completely on dealing with my personal issue.

Elizabeth believes in the ability to transform people's lives through coaching, and she does this in a way that holds you in a safe place, while expecting great things from you. I would recommend her to any coach who wants to lift their game to a higher level, and any client who truly wants to create a life that they will love.

It was a privilege to work with Elizabeth and I cherish the time I spent with her, her generosity and kindness, and I will always hold her in my heart. The work we did together was inspirational, and helped me believe in myself again.

With deep gratitude.

Sandra Barnett-White CPCC

Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach, Consultant, Faciltator, Speaker, Owner Curious Coaching, Inc.

Curious Coaching Inc, Chicago, Illinois

Elizabeth Rocks! I've left every session feeling inspired, grounded in my learning, and ready to put into action what I was working on.

She is a beautiful spirit that held the space for me to show my greatness. She believed in me and championed me to design my life and coaching business the way I wanted it.

Her mentoring really helped me through my coach certification period where I felt stuck and un-clear. Elizabeth's clarity and intuition would help me put words to what I was feeling and breakthrough the stuck-ness.

Working with her has helped me get clear on giving myself permission to boldly putting myself out in the world by taking ownership of my talent as a coach.

Elizabeth is kick-ass in her love-up, you feel so held, so supported so safe to be your authentic self.

Azaria Ulmer CPCC

Co-Active Health & Nutrition Coach, New York City, NY

Azaria Ulmer

Elizabeth really is "the coach's coach"!

Elizabeth is an amazing coach and she has helped me to get back to the "real" me which got very lost. She is extremely supportive and has helped me to discover that I have something truly special to offer.

She has helped me connect with what I am truly passionate about and what I stand for, in order to help me get clear on the direction that had most meaning for my coaching business. It feels like a new beginning!

Michele Willmott CPCC

Inspired Relationship Coach, Verchaix, Haute Savoie, France


Elizabeth is a true mentor and I recommend her to other coaches ABSOLUTELY, with no reservation whatsoever.

Not only does she help me understand the concepts and principles of the co-active model of coaching.

I feel that through her innate generosity and her unwavering support, I am becoming a better coach.

There is a kinship at work that is not born from us being the same but from us being in a place of genuine transformation.

Whether or not you will choose Elizabeth as your coach, listen to your “gut” feeling. When choosing a coach it is imperative. Ironically, this was the advice Elizabeth gave me …. it worked for me.

Marie-Christine Toron CPCC

Business StartUp Expert, Business and Executive Coach for Small Business Owners, Sag Harbor, New York

Elizabeth stands for her clients, 100 percent. Working with Elizabeth you will get a passionate, kind and loving but persistent and strong coach

Elizabeth has the art of helping me see that ...taking action is the only way to success, in any way, shape and form. My success has just started to evolve...Elizabeth has helped me zero in on the strengths that I have in my life, not only know them but also be willing to act on them. Taking action is a big part of success in anyone's life, and she helped to see the only way to have success is to act.

She will keep coming back to my goals, ideas and obstacles that either get in the way, or are the ways that you clarify the desire to move forward. She is pro-active, and will send me emails, and call me to ask what action I have taken around the desires and passions that I have expressed.

Elizabeth stands out as one of the more unique and multi-talented individuals in coaching. She has worked in a variety of fields and understands how to navigate people in a wonderful and transparent way. A win win for everyone.

Everyone needs a coach like Elizabeth who acknowledges who you are and what you are passionate about, and what you REALLY are trying to accomplish in your life.

Michael Ehrenberg CPCC

Oakland, California


Standing in a place of awe.. alive with possibility and excitement of helping amazing people birth BIG things. Getting clear on who I am and what my voice is.. so I can clearly speak to those people.

I didn’t quite know where I was heading with my frustration and confusion about my starting my coaching practice, my clients, my skills and my wishes for the future. You somehow weaved your magic and helped me pull it all together in a way that landed me in the final “aha!”

My thinking has opened up to what’s possible and I am so excited to complete my CTI Certification Program and get rolling on creating the coaching practice of my dreams.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing me what’s possible.

If you are looking for an experienced life coach with the business mentoring of someone with a successful coaching business, Elizabeth is the one.

Elizabeth has a unique combination of life coaching and business building skills that is rare to find in one person.

She is a tireless advocate for me, and that in itself propels me forward. If you are looking for an experienced life coach with the business mentoring of someone with a successful coaching business, Elizabeth is the one.

Jeff Ward CPCC

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Boulder, Colorado

Elizabeth’s presence as a coach is remarkable and inspiring.

I hired her to be my coach through CTI's Coach Certification Program, and she met me with heart and unwavering support along my journey. Her skilled, no-nonsense, and non-judgmental sessions allowed me the space to find answers and direction.

Elizabeth’s presence as a coach is remarkable and inspiring. Like a light beam on a path, her intuitive guidance called me forth to walk my own truth.

I would recommend Elizabeth to any aspiring coach who’s in the midst of creating their coaching identity and stepping into their coaching presence.

She will grow you if you are ready.

Christine Schwebel

CPCC, ACC, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, St. Paul, Minnesota

I am still reeling from the paradigm shift that our last coaching session catalyzed. Though I don’t know where it will take me, it has unlocked a trap that I have put myself in my whole life.

I was about to start Co-Active Coach Certification with CTI (The Coaches Training Institute) and was on the look out for a coach who was not only experienced, but knew the co-active model inside out and was able to share her insight and wisdom.

Elizabeth is like a rock where people can stand – perhaps where she stands herself. I felt it whenever I challenged her, and she walked straight forwards into that looking to understand, learn and give me what I needed.

Altogether this has been a transformational experience – of my trusting that I have my own way of seeing and my clients have theirs, and hence in coaching from that authentic way of being, as Elizabeth does from hers.

I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone needing someone to steadfastly believe in them, so they could believe in themselves.

Thank you Elizabeth, for your love, compassion, strength and insightfulness.

Devi Clark CPCC

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, New Leaf Coaching and Consulting, CEO The Outsiders' Network, TedxAylesbury, UK

Elizabeth I really love what you bring to the table: your style, your authenticity, blend of coaching and consulting, depth and spaciousness.

I appreciate all of your support on this journey!

Seema Sodha CPCC

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Confidence Coach, Life Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Toronto Ontario

Elizabeth has been a great role model for me as a coach. My work with Elizabeth has increased my commitment to pursue my vision and utilize my gifts in a way that serves others. I would highly recommend her to other coaches!

What stands out most for me is her ability to go deep and explore with compassion in the interest of the client’s progress.

While working on the most difficult areas I was not afraid; she was with me, did not rush me, and allowed me to go deeper in a meaningful way. Even in the most uncomfortable moments she compassionately shines a light and sees values.

I gained in self-acceptance in the present while holding a vision for magnificence. I decreased in fear and increased in confidence. I was able to envision what I wanted and let go of things which have held me back.

With Elizabeth as a guide I was able to develop a vision and commit to it. I often wanted to take action right away after our phone calls and I came to see obstacles as challenges rather than roadblocks.

Elizabeth has integrity, she is truly committed to being of service, and she goes out of her way to help her clients. She was generous with me not only during our regular sessions, but she also showed her care responding between our calls with ideas and support.

I would highly recommend her as a coach and mentor to other coaches!

Dina Markind CPCC

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach,Health & Wellness Coach, Connecticutt

As a new business woman I was feeling overwhelmed and lost in certain aspects of my business

In just one session with Elizabeth I got present with many of the issues I was facing and I came away with a sense of clarity, inspiration and tangible steps to move forward. She courageously held me as my highest self and saw the potential in me.

Elizabeth is an insightful and clearly very experienced and powerful woman. Working with her will surely find you taking great leaps forward in your endeavors.

Joey Clifton

Co-Active Sustainability Coach, London, UK



I feel like you are an angel sent my way to help enlighten my path. You took the time to listen to me, and provided me with so much more clarity. The tears I had today were a testament of your blessed spirit.

It is such a joy to hear your vibrant energy which is so contaminating. Please continue this amazing initiative you embarked on, which is to share your expansive coaching expertise with others. I am so glad I had a chance to connect with you and I look forward to learning a lot more from you.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Moctar Dott, Chicago, IL

My work with Elizabeth has truly been invaluable! She has helped me face my fear and move forward into creating my own coaching business.

Her genuine warmth, great intuition and gentle way of pulling me forth has been invaluable in both my professional work and in my personal life issues.

She has really “been there for me,” offering much needed support in between sessions far beyond what I think other coaches offer.

I feel cared about and cared for, and am becoming more of the person I want to be as a result of working with her.

I am taking risks where I used to play it safe, am learning how to look at areas of my life through different perspectives and choosing how I want to live as a result.

I’m also getting great feedback and information as I develop as a coach myself.

Elana Kahan CPCC

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach,Brooklyn, NY

What really impressed me was her ability to intuitively zero in on the reason for not filling my classroom within minutes of our first session.

I highly recommend Elizabeth to other coaches who need help with sales and marketing strategies, accountability and assurance that they are on the right track.

What really impressed me was her ability to intuitively zero in on the reason for not filling my classroom within minutes of our first session.

Sharon Monteiro

Coach, Speaker, Author , United Arab Emirates


Elizabeth helped me change my life, my relationships, my goals. She has helped me find a vision for a new life.
I have re-claimed my voice and seen my dreams come to life. The freedom of dreaming without limits has opened my world to a new career direction as well as deepening my relationships.

Sometimes it is not clear where life is taking you. Through my search, I found Elizabeth's website. I can't explain what stood out, but there was a strong feeling that she was the one. As we worked together the truth of having found the right person was reinforced during each meeting. I wanted and needed a new life direction. There was a restlessness that I couldn't identify and a longing for a deeper sense of fulfillment in my life. The urge for change was huge, but the confidence and direction were small and unidentifiable. I was driven for change.

I started out lacking confidence and not trusting myself, or my judgment. Beginning the certification process was very scary and invigorating. I needed to be alert and present. As I look back I can see that I was neither, to the extent I am now. I was trying to balance learning and growing with a certain image I thought my pod mates should have of me.

Elizabeth listens with an intensity that hears the underlying truth feeding my fears. She has the presence to guide me to a brave place of confidence and challenge. She has the patience to allow me to figure out my answers with the ability to cut to the truth with her thoughtful and challenging questions. Her respect for the place I am in is comforting, but she doesn't let me stay there too long. Her timing with me has been incredible.

During the most difficult times Elizabeth has been there for me. She has reached out when I needed to be supported and also when I needed to be championed. It is easy for me to get stuck with my fears and doubts when I am making significant changes in my life. Elizabeth is able to lead me to new perspectives and new ways to change the inner dialogue that is essential to moving forward.

I highly recommend Elizabeth as a coach and mentor. She is experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated to her clients. She will be there to challenge and to support. If you are looking for more fulfillment or a change for your life, she is an outstanding coach to help you get there. I loved the way she believed in me, and it felt always felt real. She could see things in me that I hadn’t seen or forgotten about.

My focus has been on becoming a coach and for that Elizabeth has been a master coach to work with. I believe she is able to work with anyone who is willing and eager to move in a new direction in her/his life. If you are anxious to live your life to the fullest dimension of your dreams, having Elizabeth as your coach will make the journey rich and focused and very efficient.

Jo Ann Senn CPCC

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Minnesota


There is nothing like experiencing the impossible becoming possible then becoming reality. It is thrilling!

I definitely recommend Elizabeth, but be careful what you wish for because when you work with Elizabeth you will probably get it!

I am so proud of all of the work we have done together over the last few years and know that someday we will do more. Elizabeth…once again…thank you so much.

Rev. AnnaMarie Ronning

Wedding Officiant, Confident Bride Coach, Minneapolis-St. Paul , MN

First just let me say, You Rock!

You are an amazing coach and I so appreciate the role modelling you do. You bring a level of integrity and honoring to the conversation that raises the bar.

I went from obsessing and worrying about my indecisiveness and need to choose about next steps for developing my business to feeling grounded and confident with my skill set and offerings.

That’s priceless, and I thank you. Thanks again Elizabeth, for your awesomeness!

Sue Pearson

Life Coach, Vancouver, BC


Elizabeth is a fantastic coach. It was a pleasure working with her! I needed the help of an experienced coach and business mentor to get my coaching business off the ground.

I learnt that to see myself as either a “life” or a “business” coach was missing the point – the transformation that I could gain for my clients would be far reaching into their whole lives.

Elizabeth is experienced in a variety of life experiences and brings all of them with her to her coaching. She is very supportive, intuitive, empathetic and warm.

Andre Duquemin

Osteopath, Owner of Avenue Clinic, CPCC Coach, Guernsey, Channel Islands, UK

The Heart Audit


Elizabeth is a safe haven, a rock, a cheerleader and a wonderful, amazing coach. She has been instrumental in helping me see what was needed.

Her ability to perceive a person’s truest nature is an incredible talent, but her ability to bring OUT that truth is one of the best blessings in this world.

She has a fantastic aptitude for ‘reading between the lines’ in a session, an amazing memory, and a wealth of experience in many different areas. Elizabeth is a wonderful model for learning to listen, and to really hear. She shows me my own courage, proving it at every opportunity.

I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is willing to do the work to make a difference in their own lives. She is an invaluable resource and a blessing.

Susie Hendry

Vancouver, Canada